Marina Fiera Genova offers a variety of services to welcome boat owners and ensure a comfortable stay: parking spaces near the moorings, refuelling, night surveillance, a bar, a self-service restaurant and much more.

Mooring staff

The service runs 24/7
Inner dock and night service
Phone +39 3459721841
Outer dock
Phone +39 3401132999

Showers and toilets

Under the tensile structure and at the entrance to the dock.

Power and water

The service bollards are equipped with 2 or 4 ½ inch water supply points and single-phase and/or three-phase power up to 63 Ampère – 380 V


Currently Not Available

Waste deposit

There are several stations with separate collection bins.

Parking areas

Parking spaces available near the moorings and under the tensile structure, access for authorised users only.

Slipway for hauling and launching

Under construction at the western end of the docks.

Night surveillance

Quay attendant and armed guard from 8pm to 8am

Bar and self-service restaurant

Large room with restaurant and bar service. Learn more.
Learn more.