Inside Marina Fiera Genova there is an agency for boating licenses and forms, a sailing school, a diving centre, storage and refitting shipyards and a signs&graphics company.


Boating licenses and forms

Courses for boating licenses, changes of ownership, certifications, leasing and rental of pleasure boats and miscellaneous boat forms.

In collaboration with FIV – Comitato 1^ Zona

Sailing school

A.S.D. PUNTO! Diving & Friends

Underwater sports

First aid courses and PADI scuba diving courses for earning PADI certifications (all levels), excursions, scuba diving and other activities related to underwater sports.


Underwater sports

Sea diving, scuba diving courses for all levels, from Open Water to Trimix, themed events and meetings related to the underwater world.

Amico & Co

Storage & refitting

Gatti Srl Cantiere Navale

Storage & refitting

Genoa Sea Service Shipyard

Storage & refitting

Linea Grafica

Graphic design and posters

Graphic and advertising, magazines and press for trade fairs, congresses and events sectors.

Bar Marina Club

Bar and self-service restaurant

Large room with restaurant and bar service.

Agreements with other marinas for the period of the Boat Show

Marina Genova

Bagni Castelluccio

Porto di Lavagna