A.S.D. PUNTO! Diving & Friends

Underwater sports

An amateur sports association founded in 2011 with a desire to promote underwater sports and teach scuba diving.

It provides a classroom for courses, a technical area with cylinders and equipment for members, a breathing air filling station, an inflatable boat for excursions and training dives, and large parking spaces near the quay. A.S.D. PUNTO! Diving & Friends offers members free trials in the pool, EFR first aid courses and diving courses of all levels and issues international PADI ™ patents. It also organises dives in some of the most evocative sites in the area. The association also provides surface support station and logistical services to club members and diving schools for their activities.


Marina Fiera Genova, Quay A (access from P.le Kennedy 1, 16128 Genoa)
Phone +39 3404911710 / +39 3402498031